Supply List – Elementary

1st GRADE 2017/2018

1 Pencil case provided with:

2 erasers

12 colour Pencil

4 pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 small ruler

12 markers

5 glue Sticks

1 pair of scissors

4 erasable blue or black pens (can be brought in December)

2 erasable red pens ( can be brought in December)

1 pack of color pencils

1 pack of washable kids paint


5 Italian Standard 1st grade lines5 Italian standard 1st grade square

1 binder with folders

1 white blank sheet (album) A4 size paper

1 pack of coloured construction paper ( thick)

1 pack of white copy paper


Copybooks for Italian class:

5 Italian Standard 1st grade lines

5 Italian standard 1st grade square


Personal hygiene kit:

Toothbrush and toothpaste

2 boxes of tissues

1 pack of wet wipes



2nd Grade 2017/2018

– 1 pencil case ( sharpener, eraser, colored pencils, markers, ruler, glue, scissors)

1 diary for homework

14 lined copybooks

6 big squared copybooks

5 glue sticks

1 extra pack of pencils

1 extra pack of colored pencils

1 extra pack of markers

1 ream of A4 paper (white)

1 ream of colored paper ( mixed)

Copybook covers

Erasable pens ( blue, red, black, green )

Scotch tape ( 2 )

Hygiene kit

Baby wipes


Reusable water bottle

Tooth paste and tooth brush

Supply list for Italian

5 lined copy books

5 squared copy books






3rd Grade 2017/2018

1 complete pencil case (eraser, colored pencils, markers ruler,

Inches / centimeters ,scissors, glue sticks, covered pencil sharpener, scotch tape)

Kids washable paint and brush

Erasable pens ( blue, black, red, green, purple)

Ink pens ( blue/black/red)

2 white blank sheet (album)

2 colored sheet (album)

10 plastic cover s for books

1 Flute

1 Music copybook (Staff)

1 Binder + plastic sleeves for the binder

1 folder

1 tratto pen


Notebooks for English class:

10 lines and 10 squares (Italian Standard)


Notebooks for Italian class:

5 Lines and 5 Squares ( Italian Standard)


Hygiene Kit

1 toothbrush

1 toothpaste

1 plastic cup for drinking

2 boxes of tissues




4th – 5th Grade 2017/2018

1 big and complete pencil case (eraser, colored pencils, markers, ruler inches/centimeters, scissors, glue stick, covered pencil sharpener)

Plastic book covers

10 Bound composition book

10 Quad Ruled Composition Notebook

1 protractor

Stainless Steel Drawing Compass


Metric Plastic Set Squares Drawing Drafting Triangles 45 and 60Degrees

Ink pens (blue/black)

1 Flute

1 Music copybook (Staff)

Paper colored loose leaf

Paper- white loose leaf

English dictionary

Hygiene kit:

1 toothbrush

1 tooth paste

1 plastic cup for drinking


*Please be sure to label each individual item with the child’s name to avoid losses or confusion.