Cambridge English language courses are available to all students with an interest in learning and gaining valuable qualifications recognised by CEFR (the Common European Framework reference) for all levels A1-C2.

YLE (young learners) these courses prepares and provide students aged between 7 and 12 years of age with their first step on to the Cambridge ESOL exam framework (CEFR A1-A2)

Key English test (KET)

Emphasise on this course is based on overall language communicative ability by the student, the four main discipline listening, reading, writing and speaking are in placed

Preliminary English test (PET)

The PETcourse is orientated towards teaching students to be able to cope linguistically with a full range of day-to-day situations and general purposes. At this level students will be able to communicate effectively to native and none native speakers of English.

First Certificate (FCE) CEFR B2 FCE course will give the student the ability to study any English spoken course at Universities in, or to take on a managerial role at the workplace with confidence.