Middle School

( 6th - 8th grade)

Middle School is the next step after Primary School and is just before the entrance in the High School.
Our Middle School students come from other international schools, as well as from Italian or foreign schools, and have a good knowledge of the English language. The multiethnic nature of our school community is a unique source of didactic stimulation, both for students and teachers.

These years are a fundamental phase in the life of our students, because they are in the midst of a growth period for which it is necessary that they have the support of our teachers, that carry out extracurricular activities that encourage socialization and the carrying out of group work. Like this they can face the challenges in an adequate manner and with a right attitude to problem solving.

The middle school includes classes ranging from 6th to 8th, in which international and Italian programs are followed, in order to allow the development of a deep knowledge in areas such as language and literature, mathematics and science, history and geography, and also art and music. Moreover, the importance of physical activity is affirmed through the teaching of physical education and the carrying out of extracurricular activities, even outside our institute. At the end of the course of study in the middle school, students are supported by our teachers in choosing the next course of study, according to their interests and talents.

Our  weekly schedule is made up of 40 hours and encompasses the following subjects:

  • English: that program includes grammar, literature and vocabulary, which helps to improve spelling skills, enabling the students to master the language and be more fluent in conversation. Much emphasis is put on reading, with an aim at increasing critical thinking through selected topics.
  • Math: It is a fundamental discipline that helps to equip themselves with tools for the scientific description of the world and to deal with problems useful in everyday life. In addition, during these years students acquire speed of mental and written calculation. Students also learn about how statistics work and develop logical knowledge to solve geometric and analytical problems.
  • Italian: this program includes the study of epic tales, anthology and literature and a further deepening of grammatical rules. The study of these branches helps students to take a look at the past by focusing on the authors and their most important works.
  • Science: through the study of chemistry and biology students will be equipped with tools that will help them to learn the composition of the elements and analyze a better solution to the circumstances they will face. Group work is also organized to implement the knowledge learned during the lessons, through experiments and research.
  • Geography and History: with which students will get to know history through the millennia up to the modern era of the European peoples and the most significant in the history of the world and will deepen the knowledge of nations.Time is dedicated to group work, which helps students to develop research skills and data presentation related to peoples, cultures and traditions with an eye to economic sectors.
  • Music: Through the study of this subject, students come into contact with the music world by knowing the specific language related to musical forms, instruments and their characteristics.
  • Civics: with which students come into contact with issues such as environmental education, eco-sustainable development and protection of the environment.
  • Physical education: know the history and rules of different sports in order to put into practice the theory and teach them the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.
  • ART: our program develops creativity and gives voice to their imagination.