Early Years

(3 - 5 years old)

Teodoro Monticelli International School’s Early Years is an International preschool that offers an English- language teaching program that implements a child centered, play-based pedagogy that explicitly teaches international values. Together with our families we build a community that nurtures creativity and lifelong learning.

Our early years department provides Preschool,  Kindergarten and Kindergarten plus from 3 to 5 years old. Our learning objectives promote socialization, physical and emotional development, as well as intellectual skills. The teachers help their students develop physical skills, have a sense of satisfaction with their individualism and feelings of self-respect

When a child attends the last section of the Early Years department, he continues to work on the same learning objectives, combining them with a necessary preparation for first grade, according to the curriculum. In this phase of their development, special attention is given to reading, writing and to children’s familiarity with numbers, so that they can achieve a solid base to build upon throughout their future school years.

During the last year of  Kindergarten, then at Kindergarten plus, special attention is given to phonetics, letters and correspondence between phoneme and grapheme, with the help of textual and visual media. In addition, the focus is on numbers and the recognition of numerical symbols, implementing the theory with simple practical calculations through the use of games and school materials.